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Thanks for your interest in hosting a Puppy Party!  The Puppies love these events and it brings a lot of smiles and fun for one hour.  Due to the huge interest and excitement we have been swamped with requests and have had to make a few limitations:

  • These events are run entirely by volunteers and staff volunteering from BRITEBOX Storage Co.  There is a lot of planning and prep work to organize the event and to ensure the puppies are at optimal health.  Although we would like to do every request, we are required to limit how many we can do.

  • BRITEBOX Storage Co. donates $200 for each event, we politely request hosting organizations meet (and beat) this donation.  All proceeds raised go entirely to New Hope Dog Rescue in Saskatoon, Canada.  Donations of dog and puppy food are also extremely needed and appreciated. Tax receipts can by issued at the party by New Hope Dog Rescue if requested.

  • BRITEBOX Storage Co. sponsors the entire event when hosted at facilities such as health care (ie: Parkridge Center in Saskatoon), senior homes or other community centers where bringing smiles is most important

  • The health and care of the puppies is the most important.  The event helps the puppies socialize and get used to being around people, however, if any are feeling under the weather or tired we will let them sleep at home.  Due to this we cannot guarantee a Puppy Party, although it hasn't happened yet.  

  • We are sorry we cannot accommodate personal parties, children's parties or elementary or high school's.  We currently must limit the parties due to volunteer availability and the safest options for the puppies.

  • Lastly, give a shout out to us!  Social Media helps get the word out and helps raise awareness of the Puppy Parties.

Thanks! Message sent.

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