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2016-08-29 Rawlco (19 of 233)
2016-08-29 Rawlco (39 of 233)
Puppy Party at Vendesta (13 of 58)
Puppy Party at Vendesta (7 of 58)
Puppy Party at Vendesta (44 of 58)
Puppy Party at Vendesta (6 of 58)
Puppy Party at Vendesta (49 of 58)

BRITEBOX Storage Puppy Parties started when the owners of BRITEBOX Storage Co in Saskatoon, Canada who were active dog fosters for a local Dog Rescue brought their foster dogs to work for the staff to have a break and play with the pups.  The staff loved every moment, especially when staff who were students were in their school examination times.  The cuddly moments were also very good for the foster dogs to get more socialized.  

The idea arose when the owners fostered a litter of puppies and brought them into work.  The pups became more socialized and used to being handled and around different people.  The benefits were great and the idea came about to spread the project to other local businesses who could enjoy the same benefits for their staff and also raise awareness and donations for the charity rescue.

BRITEBOX Storage Co. volunteer staff members and makes a $200 donation for each party held, the hosting organization also raises donations and funds that go directly to the charity for their event.  The events have been a huge success across Saskatoon and have raised significant donations and attention for New Hope Dog Rescue.

The protection, care and health of the puppies is at the forefront of the event.  All funds donated by BRITEBOX Storage Co and the hosting organization are 100% donated to New Hope Dog Rescue.  We do also hold events at non-commercial organizations including the Parkridge Center and the Sunnyside Care Home in Saskatoon where we just love to Brite-n up their days. 

We receive numerous requests for puppy parties and although we would love to do every one of them, we unfortunately we can not always.  The event is run by volunteers from BRITEBOX Storage Co and New Hope Dog Rescue and the health and availability of the puppies is foremost important.

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